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If you're new to this blog, you might want to know which posts to read first.

July 2021 - : Establishedness and Loving God is a book-length (~50,000 word) post on psychological (and thus political) establishedness and how that interfaces with people's relationships with God. If you're not sure you want to read a book-length blog post, I made a short version (the length of a normal blog post, ~1,600 words).

May 2020 - June 2021: If you're interested in short-term, more normal things, you can look at this list of Things to Do if you feel the desire or need to make the world better, or this sort of academic description of social Scenes. If you want something stranger, and more timeless, you can check out my big project, MSLN. One way in is Motivational Structure and the links you find through that. If you want a complete study of MSLN, one way to attempt that is looking at all the posts that reference it. MSLN is a series of philosophical arguments (or sketches of arguments) based from the assumption that everything that exists is consciousness and that noetic perception is part of consciousness. They attempt to show that a "Metaphysical Organism" (a vaguely God-like being) may exist, and then that that organism can be shown to be the "Speaker" (of "Simantism") and then further "Legitimacy" itself, a more definite God. This particular God is somewhat less specific than the the God of the Bible, but his/her/their/etc. features imply that the Bible may probably be true -- that is, the Bible as interpreted by the "New Wine System" (a biblical interpretation that someone else discovered). (So the acronym MSLN, from Metaphysical organism, Speaker/simantism, Legitimacy, New wine system.) There are various consequences to this particular God existing, some of which you can find on this blog.

Hopefully I will have a couple of book reviews done soon, which have something to do with the long-term, strange future, which seem like they will be long -- some people like to read long posts (update: here they are -- reviews of The Feeling of Value, addressing metaethics, motivation, moral realism; and X-Risk, addressing transhumanism, motivation, moral realism).

If you're interested in the problem of evil, here is the MSLN theodicy (involving a "labor relations theory of demonic influence"). I think (unless it has significant flaws) it deals adequately and naturally with gratuitous evil.

2019: three posts I put work into: Rootedness and Respect, Cultural Moloch and Trustworthiness is Potential Simplicity. Rootedness and Respect is about how we look at people, how to respect them. Cultural Moloch is about the need for truly deep people for the sake of the true well-being or even survival of human beings, with an eye for long-term cultural development. Trustworthiness is Potential Simplicity is a companion to Cultural Moloch, about how trustworthiness could be an economic and psychological asset in the responding to and surviving what's on our plate immediately, climate change.

If you like reading short posts, you can read those tagged notes and definitions. (There might be a few long definitions, but most of them aren't.)

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