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A lot of author bios say where a person is from. (I'm from San Diego.) Then they talk about universities attended. (I went to UC Davis.) Then they talk about things published and awards won... I don't have as much to say there. Then they talk about where you now live (I think that's an old convention, held over). Well, as of July 2020, I live in San Diego.

I do think that those details can say something if you know what they mean. There is something San Diegan about my writing, maybe a lot. If you know people who went to UC Davis, maybe you can see a connection. But I don't know how to put these connections into words.

In general, I think reality is something which words only point to. Sometimes the words are successful, sometimes they are not, but they are only pointers. There are two ways that I tend to write: one is to write things that are very simple but hopefully very powerful, first principles which I hope the reader will build into something big, on their own. The other way I gravitate toward is to say everything that's in my head, without figuring it out and nailing it down. There tends to be something subtextual in my writing. In either case, small or large, the writing is about entering a complex mental space, in which the reader is meant to swim without their feet touching the ground.

Overall, I would prefer that my work speak for me itself. I think it says more than I know how to say. However, I realize that it is sometimes necessary to write clearly and more or less completely, closing off certain possibilities, in order to become more trustworthy. So, to provide at least some more concrete self-definition, I have written the following (and may write more):

I am a Christian.

I am celibate.

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