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About this blog

The name of this blog is "formulalessness", which is a way to describe personal beings, as formulalessnesses. The blog is about altruism and belief in God and how the two interrelate. The biggest concern of it is how we are headed toward a civilization that perfects humanism and human well-being as we conceive of it, but which does not take into account the interests of God or of true human well-being, leading to negative consequences for people (and God). We risk something by not taking into account the existence of God. The blog tries to say which God it is that we risk ignoring, the one we should take into account in our risk assessments.

There is also some discussion of how the spiritual life can motivate and help people in dealing with altruistic concerns shared by theists/Christians and secular people.

The blog also talks about the spiritual life -- could be seen as a partial guide to living as though God (and/or the specific God discussed on the blog) exists.

My writing styles vary, so that maybe I seem like two different people, or living in two different worlds, one more spiritual, and the other more prosaic. I think this largely has to do with addressing different cultures or topics. I wish there was a way to integrate all aspects of reality into one thing, and there probably is, but I find it notable that (from my point of view) my writing doesn't totally cohere in an obvious way, as though I can't integrate all of my reality under one voice.

Relatedly, "formulalessness" has a beautiful side, but also a kind of less-functional side, which is that I don't think the posts on this blog are always logically consistent. I have a mental model of what I've said, but I doubt I remember all the details. So I keep adding new things, which may contradict old things. Another less-functional side to "formulalessness" is that while I try to make my posts clear, I can only make them clear to me, and when I look back at past posts, it sometimes takes me a bit to understand what I'm saying, and I can't imagine it being too much easier for people who are not me. (So if you find anything unclear, confusing, or inconsistent in this blog, please let me know so that I can attempt to fix it sometime.)

About me

A lot of author bios say where a person is from. (I'm from San Diego.) Then they talk about universities attended. (I went to UC Davis.) Then they talk about things published and awards won... I don't have as much to say there. Then they talk about where you now live (I think that's an old convention, held over). Well, as of September 2022, I live in San Diego.

I do think that those details can say something if you know what they mean. There is something San Diegan about my writing, maybe a lot. If you know people who went to UC Davis, maybe you can see a connection. But I don't know how to put these connections into words.

Here are a couple of identities that I think I should explain:

I am a Christian.

I am celibate.

You can contact me at my email: banks at 10v24 dot net. Also you can follow me at various social media services.

I've done other writing (and other creative projects), which can be found at 10v24.net.

Readers of this blog might especially be interested in the booklets. My full-length books can be found here.

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