Thursday, June 6, 2019


Sufficiency is when you live in a place of having enough.

Here are three kinds of insufficiency:

Inadequacy: "What you have is not enough." Without inadequacy, it is impossible to be spoken to on the deepest level. Inadequacy is quiet-hearted, mourns, waits and listens, is modest in demands, is alive.

Dissatisfaction: "What you have is not good enough." Dissatisfaction is annoyed, entitled, bored, greedy, blank-eyed.

Inferiority: "You are not good enough." Inferiority is self-attacking, worrying, panicking, feels no right to make demands but may crave to make them, vulnerable to self-pity, envy, feelings of worthlessness and despair, but alive.

We try to fight dissatisfaction and inferiority with an overall sufficiency and make that our picture of human flourishing (even thinking in terms of "human flourishing" begs the question toward sufficiency). By this we quench our inadequacy.

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