Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Epiconcept and Episcripture

Genetic code is expressed epigenetically. The DNA is useless by itself. It's actually "read" and then embodied by epigenetics, which can "choose" different aspects of the gene to express.

So it is with concepts, and scriptures. Concepts and scriptures are put into place by people using them, providing the context for them.

A poorly epiconcepted concept can do a lot of damage, and when we suppress truths, it's sometimes to avoid problems with the epiconception of them. The marketplace of ideas lets loose ideas without any concern for their epiconcepts, and culture tries to keep up.

A scripture poorly episcriptured can also do a lot of damage, similarly. A religious community that can successfully support a text (make it actually not harmful, so that whatever benefit is in the text itself can come thorugh) can teach that text.

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