Monday, November 9, 2020

Trusting God, Caring Like God

Should we trust God in everything? Or should we care like God cares? Is it the case that everything turns out according to his will? Or is there an element of tragedy possible in the world?

If our trust in God prevents us from caring like he does, there could be a problem. Likewise if our caring prevents us from trusting in him, there could be a problem. Either way, we could fail to become like him, when we could have had greater kinship. Trusting God enables him to change us into being more like him, and caring like God cares helps us to become like him.

By trusting in God, we can come to care more. By caring, we put ourselves in the position to trust. The more we care, the more we consider something to be valuable. Then, the more valuable it is, the more we can entrust when we put it in God's hands.

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