Friday, April 30, 2021

Self-Interested Epistemology

One way out of maximal skepticism / solipsism is to say "I should care about and thus act as though I believe in the existence of what might exist, because what might exist might harm me or help me, and believing in what might exist helps me to maximize my personal outcomes given that possible thing." This attitude takes us a certain way toward being rational, but it's possible to say "I'm content with not knowing reality" or "I don't think reality actually adds up" if you live in a sub-region of reality where it looks like you can get all of your self-interested goals met equally well by having a responsibility to reason as by not having that responsibility.

Love- and altruism-oriented practical epistemologies are psychological / intellectual regimes which more strongly orient people toward reason to which we are responsible, rather than reason to the extent that it is practical for us.

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