Thursday, May 27, 2021

First Thoughts About Time

Epistemic status: very provisional.

Definitely see also Second Thoughts on Time.

In our experience, time is a part of consciousness. I don't see how conscious experience can change without time being part of consciousness. If everything that exists is consciousness, then time is part of consciousness.

I don't see a need to claim that God is timeless. Rather, his consciousness has a time to it, which is the "master clock" of the universe. It's possible to perceive the flow of time faster or slower, but if you enter a stretch of time at tG (God's time) = X, and exit at another point, tG = X + Y, what happens in the interval of length Y might get experienced at a different rate than God's experience of time, but you would enter the stretch of time at X and leave it at X + Y. You can imagine it like, if it takes longer than God's rate of experience over the interval length Y, it's like you traveled on a curved path to go from the same starting point to the same end point, where God traveled a straight line. Or, perhaps we travel over paths more quickly than God does, and it's his path that is more curved.

These are some quick, first thoughts about time, what I would like to argue. Maybe later I will think more about time and flesh them out.

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