Friday, November 12, 2021

Being Aware of Satan Can be a Good Thing

Being aware of Satan can be a good thing. When you or someone else is going crazy, remembering that that can be a product of supernatural mischief -- the situation is a scam that stuns and distracts you, thus pulling you into it -- can reveal the fakeness of it and thus take the wind out of it. Or perhaps it is only possible to really believe in God if you believe in the supernatural world, and you can only believe in things if they're dangerous. Perhaps both reasons obtain.

Being too aware of Satan is like any obsessive thought -- itself the kind of thing Satan can use on you. But you might try to increase how often you are aware of the possibility that Satan exists and may be scamming you, if you haven't hit the point of being too aware.

It's good to remember that the existence of Satan necessarily implies the existence of God (even though the existence of God does not necessarily always imply the existence of Satan).

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