Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Size of God

Epistemic status: provisional.

Traditionally God is assumed to be of infinite "size", where "size" can be cashed out as power, speed, energy, capacity, or something like that. Under the traditional view, God's mind contains a literal infinity, the awareness of all possible thoughts (each one of the real numbers is there, and all the possible interrelationships between the real numbers, and so on).

I don't know what the Bible says about this -- whether it commits us to that view or not. Also, I am unsure what to think, in terms of MSLN. I want to say that there are no actual infinities. In which case, God is not infinite.

If that is the case, then perhaps the size of what can be created and what can be thought is limited by God's "size". The universe may be extraordinarily large and detailed, and also, in each communication between God and creature, enormous numbers of complex simantic words are related, so that appearances can appear to be of what they are. And God communicates with an extraordinary number of creatures. God shows us what there is and also knows what we may potentially see, what may follow from one presentation of a simantic word (the barking dog may become a friendly dog -- two parts of the meaning of the simantic word that is that dog).

So it looks as though the size of God is very large -- I couldn't quantify it, but as a proxy, maybe someone could calculate the "size" of a computer that could simulate every detail of our physical world, all our perceptions, and all the interrelationships between them which are of practical, aesthetic, or otherwise personal significance.

This possible limit on the size of God would then be a limit on how many people could be created, something relevant to the rest view of population ethics.

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