Tuesday, July 6, 2021

God's Self-Obedience

The vision of God which I have presented in this blog tends to be a God constrained by this or that rational factor. To think of God as being constrained by anything may sound like a lowering of God to some people. I don't think that God's greatness derives from anything other than his legitimacy. In other words, it's not his power, freedom, sovereignty or anything else that is really great. We as humans are impressed by such things, but if we truly understand love, we are no longer impressed by them, seeing them only as servants of love.

So in some cases, I am (or at least could be) in conflict with more traditional approaches to God. However, in the case of constraint, I think I can provide a bridge between my view and what I take to be theirs.

God is obedient to himself. All of his constraints follow from his self-obedience. Because he is who he is, he must obey that. So his nature constrains him. But his nature just is himself, and so God is sovereign after all, yet, still limited in some ways.

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